Feeling confident when using English is a vital part of feeling safe, confident and integrated in the UK. As Refuaid say on their website: “language is the medium we use to express ourselves and the biggest barrier to integration.”

For every 2-week reservation on an English language programme made between 13th December 2023 and 5th January 2024 at BSC Education, we pledge to donate 1 week of English language tuition to our partners at RefuAid. The programmes covered include English Language Training and the IELTS Exam Preparation course.

RefuAid is committed to assisting refugees and asylum seekers throughout the UK in gaining access to English language tuition, higher education, financial support, and employment opportunities.

This festive season, extend the Gift of Language to those enduring displacement by reserving a course with BSC before 5th January 2024. Your contribution will make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals seeking refuge. Learn more about RefuAid at https://refuaid.org/

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