Unlike our other UK colleges, BSC Edinburgh is based north of the border, in Scotland. The Scottish capital is a vibrant city with a rich heritage and a proud national identity. Read on to discover the best places to visit, and events to experience.

At BSC Edinburgh, you can improve your English language skills at our traditional college in the heart of the city, with great links to public transport and Haymarket rail station.

Close to many famous sights, our friendly college team will support you on your learning journey, giving you a warm Scottish welcome. You will be introduced to local food delicacies, such as haggis, tattie scones, and tablet. You will get the chance to meet students from all over the world, and take part in activities including our recent Burn’s Night – the annual celebration of the famous poet Rabbie Burns.



As well as supporting your academic progress, our lovely Edinburgh-based team will help you discover some of Edinburgh’s top activities. Do you have an idea of something you’d like to do, or somewhere you’d like to visit during your time with us?

Please let us know! Recently, one of our students wanted to see ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’, a play adaptation of the Scottish book – so College Manager Sioban took her on a day out to the Lyceum Theatre!



Students’ Favourite Edinburgh Activities 

Did you know that Edinburgh is home to key locations from the Harry Potter universe? You will be able to spot fans from all over the world taking photos and looking for these landmarks.

For example, why don’t you visit the café where some early drafts of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was written? You could hunt for Tom Marvolo Riddle’s grave in Greyfriar’s Kirk (you might notice some other familiar names in the graveyard!). Some people think Victoria Street was the inspiration for Diagon Alley – what do you think?

Edinburgh is the world’s leading arts festival destination, hosting Edinburgh International Festival every year as well as the amazing Fringe Festival. One of BSC’s new academic offerings for 2024 is English Plus Edinburgh Festival, which will combine English Language Training with the opportunity to attend theatre, comedy, and music shows accompanied by a member of the BSC team.



There are lots of quirky and unusual shops to explore. It’s easy to find some traditional tartan to take home with you to impress your friends and family!

We look forward to seeing you at BSC Edinburgh very soon – if you have any questions about the city, our college or our courses, our team will be happy to help