Young Learners Booking Terms and Conditions


a) Programmes run with various start days and are scheduled in the morning and/or afternoon depending on product and location. BSC Education (BSC) reserves the right to change the timetable structure. BSC reserves the right to use classrooms in alternative premises of a similar standard or offer alternative social programmes, activities, additional options or excursions.

b) Students must have reached the minimum age required as indicated on the programme information for the chosen location.

Minimum Age: Where minimum age is stated as:

  • 8 years – students should be born in 2016
  • 12 years – students should be born in 2012
  • 13 years – students should be born in 2011
  • 14 years – student should be born in 2010

Please note for football courses minimum age is determined by the age of the child on the course start date.

c) Students booking a Full Board programme will be provided with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner each day. A half board programme includes breakfast and dinner. Additional meals and snacks must be purchased separately by the student.

d) Curfew times are in place and must be observed. Students not adhering to the stated curfew times will be subject to disciplinary actions.

e) Students should ensure they bring sufficient pocket money on a pre-paid card for incidentals such as snacks and gifts. BSC recommends an amount between £100–£200 or €100-€200 per week.

f) BSC will endeavour to fulfil special requests; however, these cannot be guaranteed

g) Student groups arriving more than 24 hours after the stated start date for that week of the summer programme will be taught as a closed class for that week and then join international classes the following week.


Payments must be received in full 21 days prior to the course start date.

Bookings made within 21 days of arrival must be paid in full at the time of booking.

Payment must include all bank transfer charges (including intermediary bank charges).

For groups comprising of a minimum of 15 students, specific terms and conditions will apply.


BSC reserves the right to charge an administration fee of £50/ €50 each time the programme or centre is changed or postponed after BSC has confirmed the initial booking. This may also include any requests for changes whilst the student is at the centre. A downgrade in course type after booking is considered a cancellation and the same refund policies will apply.


All refunds will be made to the original fee payer only. If BSC cancels a programme after a student’s enrolment, BSC will refund all monies already paid.

In the event that a refund is due, prorated refunds will be calculated on a weekly basis.

When determining the number of weeks of a student’s programme, BSC will consider a partial week the same as if a whole week were completed, provided the student was present at least one day during the scheduled week.

All refunds will be made within 45 days of cancellation.

a) Cancellation prior to arrival for individual bookings

Students cancelling courses or accommodation, or students who have had their visa application rejected will be subject to the following cancellation fees:

  • 0-14 days: Full Payment of one standard programme week
  • 15-21 days: Forfeiture of Deposit
  • 22 + days: No Fee

b) No Shows or cancellation after arrival for individual bookings

No refunds will be given for a cancellation made after the programme start date

c) Cancellation for Group bookings

Individual booking cancellations inside the group booking are subject to standard Terms and Conditions (see 4.a). Group bookings may be subject to specific terms and conditions. Please refer to your Group Quote document for further details or contact your BSC representative to discuss.


All Young Learner accommodation is guaranteed in separate male and female rooms. BSC reserves the right to change the room type booked when necessary. Any upgrade in room type will be offered on a complimentary basis. Any student changed to a lower accommodation category will be offered a refund to the value of the original price difference between the two room categories.


If a student does not have the minimum level of English required to follow a specific course, BSC reserves the right to move the student to an appropriate course for their level. Minimum course levels specified before enrolment.

7. VISAs

BSC cannot be held responsible for decisions taken by embassies or immigration officials regarding entry visas or visa extensions. Visa advice can only be given by the appropriate Embassy, Consulate or High Commission. Students should contact their local Embassy, Consulate or High Commission to ensure they are allowed to enter and study in their chosen location. Students must maintain a valid visa status and their course will be terminated without a valid visa.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the most updated regulations/processes are being followed. BSC cannot be held responsible for any visa regulation changes which occur after the booking has been confirmed in compliance with the then existing regulations.

A visa document courier fee or postal fee is charged each time documents have to be sent by courier or post. Please see individual centre pages for exact fees.

If a visa application is rejected and we receive written evidence at least 14 days prior to arrival, we will refund the fees received in full, less any bank charges and any non-refundable fees (registration fee, accommodation fee, courier fees and bank charges). Should BSC receive positive visa application results fewer than 14 working days prior to arrival, BSC reserves the right to offer alternative accommodation, which may incur additional charges.

If the arrival day is postponed due to a delayed visa application BSC reserves the right to offer an alternative centre, which may incur additional charges.

In the event that BSC have incurred any charges in reserving the accommodation for the student, BSC reserves the right to pass these charges on.


All centres will be open on Public Holidays. The Bank Holiday lessons may be substituted with a full day excursion. An updated list of public holiday dates can be found on individual centre pages and on the BSC website.


Flight/Train details including: arrival time, flight numbers, airline and point of origin must be advised 7 days prior to arrival in order for BSC to provide suitable airport transfers. No refunds will be granted on transfers if arrival details are not sent to BSC at least 7 days prior to arrival. Airport transfers include a maximum of 2 hours waiting time. Further delays may result in additional charges.

Transfer cancellations made within 24 hours of arrival will be charged in full.


All students on Young Learner programmes will be required to complete a parental consent form prior to arrival. Please speak with your BSC contact for more details. Failure to provide parental consent forms prior to arrival may incur in late confirmation of your booking. Group Leader Police Check and Group Leader Agreement documents are required prior to arrival.


BSC has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination, bullying and harassment in the workplace and the classroom and will expel students for unacceptable or unlawful behaviour. No refund will be given and any unpaid fees become immediately payable. Repatriation is at student’s own expense.

BSC reserves the right to expel students for unacceptable behaviour or lack of attendance.

No refund will be given and any unpaid fees become immediately payable. Repatriation is at student’s own expense.


Students agree that photographs, videos, artwork or other works, as well as recorded or written testimonials, may be used, stored or transferred internationally by BSC, or by a third party agent, for promotional purposes including printed and online marketing materials and on any social media network without further consent or notification. If students do not wish to participate, BSC will respect their wishes but it is the student’s responsibility to absent themselves from the photograph/video.


It is recommended that students willingly choose to disclose any mental or physical illness, allergy, disability or condition that may impact their ability to successfully complete their programme. The wellbeing of any other student or staff member, that may require monitoring, treatment or emergency intervention during the student’s period of enrolment, or that may require special accommodation.

BSC will not discriminate on the basis of any above mentioned conditions and where possible will provide reasonable accommodation to meet all students’ needs. BSC will reserve the right to terminate a student’s enrolment if the student’s participation represents a risk to their, other students’ or team members’ health and safety. If reasonable provisions, in the opinion of BSC, cannot be made, and the student’s physical or mental condition makes the student unable to successfully complete their programme, a student’s participation may be curtailed. Refunds will be provided based on standard refund schedules as per terms and conditions.


Students must pay the full cost of any damage they wilfully cause to centre or accommodation property.


Student combined health and travel insurance is available from BSC for stays in UK & Ireland.

For detailed information on the insurance policies above, please refer to your BSC contact or the Agent Zone.

Evidence of insurance is required on arrival at BSC.


BSC and its employees and representatives will not be liable for loss, damage or injury to persons or property howsoever caused, except where liability is expressly imposed by law. BSC will not be liable in the event that any service contracted to be supplied by BSC becomes impossible to supply for any reason or any cause outside the control of BSC.


BSC will not be responsible for any failure to comply with any of its obligations (and therefore shall not be required to provide any compensation) if the failure is the result of any cause beyond BSC’s reasonable control.

BSC shall not be responsible for any costs incurred by or on behalf of the student as a result of any such occasion. Such instances include but are not limited to; war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, unusually adverse weather conditions, pandemic and infectious diseases.


BSC Terms and Conditions are applicable to all students and agents representing students.


Paper reprint £40 / €40

Electronic files £10 / €10


Prices are valid for courses commencing 1st January 2024. Prices are subject to change without notice and will be confirmed upon booking.


A damage deposit equal to £60 or €60 may be required for each student. This deposit is refundable in full or part based on the condition of schools and/or accommodation property, allowing for reasonable wear and tear, at the time of final inspection.


18 to 21’s accepted in closed groups only.


The current BSC Terms and Conditions supersede any previous Terms & Conditions that were applicable at the time of student’s booking.

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