BSC Young Learners

Create life-long memories and friendships at our premium residential programmes for international students aged 9-17.

3 reasons to choose BSC Young Learners


Prestigious locations

Study at prestigious independent boarding schools or at one of our high-quality BSC centres.


Academic excellence

Your child will thrive with our fun, interactive language lessons delivered by passionate teachers.


Skills for life

Our programmes help students develop life skills including communication and confidence.

Winter Camps for 12-17 year olds

This experience offers an ideal opportunity for young learners to improve their English skills in London or Edinburgh while having fun and making friends from around the world.

Study at Kings' College, London

Experience one of the world's top ranking university campuses, surrounded by iconic landmarks in the heart of London. Develop your English language skills while exploring the capital of England.

Study in beautiful Malta

Campus Hub Malta offers stunning history, culture and beaches on this beautiful Mediterranean island - a great place to enjoy English teaching from the BSC Young Learners team.

Holiday Programmes at
Manchester City
Football School

Boys and girls aged 9-17 years old can develop their football ability and game understanding on our residential holiday programmes at the City Football Academy. These run for 5 or 12 nights during the summer holidays in partnership with Manchester City Football School.

We are here to help

At BSC Young Learners, we use National Geographic Learning materials. We pride ourselves in ensuring excellent delivery in all aspects of our programmes, especially our academic content.

Young Learners FAQs

How long are BSC Young Learner programmes for children and teenagers?

The minimum booking is for one week in Winter and Spring, and two weeks in the Summer. However, we would encourage a 3 or 4 week stay for young learners to get the most out of their experience with us.

Can students attend if they don’t speak any English?

This is completely fine. From the moment your child reaches the airport until they go home, we will be on hand to ensure they have a safe, enjoyable, worthwhile stay and improve their English too. Students will find that their English improves quickly once they are with us, having the opportunity to practise their English every day.

Is it possible for students to share rooms with a friend?

In many cases, this can be arranged when you book the course with us. Please put any requirements on your booking and we will do our best to meet your request. We recommend checking with individual summer school centres for the exact arrangement of beds in rooms.

Where will my child be sleeping during their camp with BSC?

At our residential centres, we offer single, twin-bedded and larger rooms, all of them with en-suite bathrooms, showers and toilet facilities. Some students enjoy the privacy of a single room while others prefer the experience of sharing a dormitory with students of different nationalities. It depends on students’ past experiences, their personalities and your wishes as a parent.

Generally, dormitory rooms are more appropriate for younger learners (8-12 years) and single, double and triple rooms for slightly older students (13+ years). Our staff will try their best to organise rooms according to students’ preferences and we ask that you make any specific accommodation requests at the time of booking. However, BSC cannot guarantee specific room requests and recommend booking early to ensure that the accommodation type matches your preferences as closely as possible.

If students find their English lessons too difficult, can they change class?

Yes, of course. Teachers will work closely with each student to make sure they are learning at a comfortable level. If lessons are too difficult or too easy, we can swap students to a more appropriate and enjoyable class.

How will my child reach the school from their homestay?

Homestay students will be given tickets and information to catch public transport to the school for their lessons. Private taxis may be arranged for an additional charge.

How much pocket money should children bring to their summer school?

This is really up to you. However, we recommend no more than £100 per week as all drinks and meals are already included. It should be enough to pay for extras such as optional trips or gifts.

Is there somewhere for students to keep valuables safe at the school?

Yes, there is a safe where the Centre Manager can keep pocket money, passports, flight tickets and all other valuables while your child stays with us.

Do students have internet access at the school?

Yes, there is the opportunity to use the internet at the school, supervised by our staff.

Are students able to buy extra food and drinks?

Yes, there is a shop where students can buy drinks and snacks every day should they wish. The shop also sells toothbrushes, phone cards, power socket adapters – just in case something gets forgotten!

What if my child feels unwell?

We have good links with the local doctor and hospitals should your child need to visit them. Students who have any medication should bring this with them in labelled packaging which clearly states doses and times of administration.

The only types of medication the students should carry themselves are as follows:

– Epipens for severe allergies
– Insulin pens
– ‘Reliever’ inhalers

What do I need to pack for BSC Young Learner programme?

When sending your child abroad for a camp, it’s often difficult to know exactly how much to pack. It’s definitely a good idea to include these items:

– Casual clothes for everyday wear
– Warm sweaters
– Something to wear at a party
– Waterproof walking shoes
– A warm coat/jacket (preferably waterproof)
– Trainers
– Toiletries

Read our longer packing list if you want more recommendations about what students should bring.

Any questions?

Message us on the form below and one of our friendly team will respond as soon as possible.