English Skills for AI

This course will equip students with the English language skills necessary to create effective prompts and to evaluate the output of generative AI tools.

Prepare for your future with the English language skills needed to use AI effectively.

With the vast majority of AI tools being trained on English language data sets, a good command of English is essential to maximise the effectiveness of common AI tools. 

BSC Education are proud to announce this innovative course that will give you the language and critical thinking skills you need to survive and thrive in a world where proficiency in these tools will become increasingly vital.

Abdullah, Kuwait

Studying in BSC has been an incredible experience, and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to study English. The vibrant atmosphere, diverse culture, and friendly people made my learning journey unforgettable. BSC is not just a place to study – it’s a place to thrive and grow!

Abdullah, Kuwait

About this course

With expert tuition and group project work, you will learn the fundamentals of AI tools and the language and thought processes needed to guide them towards your object.  

Be more creative, be more productive with English Skills for AI. 

Course length4 weeks
Start datesOn request
Available inBrighton, Manchester
Course levelsB2
Class sizeMaximum 14
Minimum age16 years
Lesson duration50 minutes
Lessons per week25
Additional infoThis course is designed for closed groups only, where we fit the timetable and content around your group's particular needs. Please get in touch today for more information and a quote for your group.
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