English for Social Media Marketing

This course will help you reach a huge audience by using the world's most popular language accurately and professionally in your social media marketing.

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Why take our English for Social Media Marketing course?

The English skills you learn are put into practice using real-life activities, including:


Posting audio and text, creating and posting images, video and reels


Product and brand research, marketing campaign planning


Measuring and reporting, examining brand and celebrity use of social media

Use your English skills effectively in your online promotion

Our special English for Social Media Marketing course will help you communicate more effectively and fluently on your social media platforms.

You’ll experience and participate in a variety of scenarios through research, discussion and project-based learning, while discussing and debating the ethics and challenges of social media.

Jáchym, Czech Republic

I have been here for just two weeks and I improved a lot in my spoken English. Everyone here is very friendly so I wasn’t shy in the classes and I wasn’t scared of other people’s opinions.

Jáchym, Czech Republic

About this course

Improve your communication skills in an engaging, interactive way with our English for for Social Media Marketing course. Learn more about this course:

Course length2 weeks
Start datesManchester: 25th March, 12th August, 18th November
York: 11th April, 5th August, 16th September
Available inManchester, York
Course levelsB1+
Timetable30 lessons per week, including at least 5 of visits and talks from experts
Class sizeMaximum 14
Minimum age16 years
Lesson duration50 minutes
Price per week (from) £425

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