Future Leaders - Solving Global Complex Problems

Our specialist programme teaches students how to tackle complex problems by applying knowledge and skills from a range of subjects across the arts, sciences and humanities.

Why study Future Leaders - Solving Global Complex Problems?

During this specially designed course, young learners will:


Understand the power of making connections when tackling complex problems


Consider career paths relating to global problems you care about


Build essential skills such as critical thinking and communication

Is it time to change the way we think?

Solutions to the world’s most complex and interconnected problems won’t come from a single specialism or subject.

Complex problems could include topics such as:

  • Inequality
  • Climate change
  • The ethics of AI
  • Sustainability

About this course

This innovative programme will empower student groups to work collectively on their chosen complex problem, with support from the team at BSC and LIS, resulting in an end of programme portfolio of work.

Start dates30th June & 28th July 2024
Course length2 weeks
Min English Level:B2
Suitable for ages15-17 years
Includes30 hours of Specialist Tuition per week, Guest Speakers & Company Visit, Accommodation, Full-Board, Travel Card, Activities
Social ProgrammeStudents will participate in a range of evening activities and a full day weekend excursion.
Further requirementsIt is preferable that students bring their laptops.
Price: £1850 per week

The London Interdisciplinary School

This course is delivered in partnership with the London Interdisciplinary School, and takes place on their campus. LIS deliver a curriculum that allows students to study related concepts and theories across multiple disciplines and perspectives, in order to understand and tackle complex problems.

The faculty involved in designing the Interdisciplinary enrichment programme have worked with Harvard and London School of Economics.

Student Welfare

Looking after your children is our priority. Just like you, we want them to feel safe, happy and comfortable during their stay.

From the healthy meals we provide at residential camps, to the fun social calendars we plan for students at our city schools: we do everything we can for your child to enjoy themselves.

Our team members all receive formal safeguarding training, and students are supervised around the clock by friendly, experienced residential chaperones.

Application Process

Please send us a video no longer than 2mins titled “One Complex Problem I Am Passionate About”, discussing why this problem interests you and which skills might be required to begin tackling it.

If you would prefer to send a written application, please produce a short essay (maximum 250 words).

Please send this to the email address provided by clicking the button below. For this specialist programme, places are limited to 20 students.

Contact BSC

We are here Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.